Deal Movers Provide with Useful Tips for Local Moving

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If you hire professionals to help you out with your local move, the process is going to be easier and cost less in comparison to a long distance move. However, you still need to shell out a good chunk of money in order to avail quality moving services. Another cost-cutting solution is DIY packing, which means taking charge of the entire packing stage.

Though it might seem easy to put everything into boxes and secure them properly with tape, it is assuredly not so. Packing requires proper techniques so that your items reach the new destination in perfect condition. Here are some tips that will come in handy:

•  Crumpled paper should be spread at the bottom of cartons and in between every layer of things that are fragile like pictures, crockery, lamps etc. You can also pack each fragile item in a sheet or two and place them in the box in an upright position. There should not be any empty space in the carton or the items will bounce around in the boxes during transit.

•  Heavy and bulky items like books need to go into the smallest carton that will fit them best. This will help balance the weight of boxes equally. Also ensure that these items are always on the bottom.

•  Fold the opposite sides together on the carton bottom, then the final opposite two sides, follow the seam of meeting edges with no less than three strips of tape that go past the edge and come up the sides three inches on both side of the carton. The bottom of the carton should be given special attention so that the items don’t spill out of a loose bottom.

•  Lampshades and artificial flower arrangements can be packed in 3.-4.5 cu. cartons. Ensure that there is crumpled paper from top to bottom, filling the carton completely. There should not be other heavy objects in the same carton.

•  Dish packs are the best for kitchen breakables. This is a heavier wall carton made for plates, dishes, glasses, etc. Put a solid layer of paper wads on the bottom. Then start with plates and bowls double-wrapped with paper. Isolate layers between light and heavy loads with paper till you reach the top of the box.

•  Rent wardrobe boxes for clothing.

•  Put same size cartons next to each other as they will save space.

•  Packing should be done 2-3 weeks before the move so that you have ample time for making the cartons by writing which room the items will be put in and what the main items are inside.

Now comes the next part – transporting the goods to your new home. Looking online for movers is the best way to proceed. Search for specific listings in the place you are relocating such as Rochester movers, relocation firms in Providence, or Deal moving companies.

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Deal Movers Provide with Useful Tips for Local Moving

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Deal Movers Provide with Useful Tips for Local Moving

This article was published on 2013/09/27