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Folding paperboard boxes, also known as Cardboard Or Cardboard , Is used to prepare fold Carton Make Package Equipment used all kinds of consumer goods. Three main types of carton board is Fiber The main raw materials, there are homogeneous bleaching Sulfuric acid Salt slurry (SBS), unbleached kraft pulp and recycled fiber pulp. North American factory capacity, the Floating White Board Paper (SBS) accounted for 35% of the total market, the main variety is the best and paperboard carton with a considerable strength, mostly for Health Products , Cigarettes and Cosmetic Packaging. Recycled fiber pulp paperboard folding carton about 49.2%, usually as a dry goods such as grains, entertainment and other types of consumer products packaging.

North America Coating Unbleached kraft paperboard by the Graphic Pack-aging and MeadWestvaco two factories, accounting for 15.8% market share. Unbleached Kraft Liner Board majority for Beverages Containers and frozen food Box Because of its role in resistance to moisture and tear.

According to the information on the U.S. demand for folding carton paperboard is based on the user's consumption and industrial production to decide. 2004 U.S. folding carton paperboard production increased by 1.2%, nearly 6.2 million tons. Which yield 3.1% bleached paperboard, unbleached kraft paperboard increased by 0.8%, while the recovered fiber pulp carton paperboard declined 1.6%. Higher productivity in 2004 so that manufacturers achieve a series of price increases to offset the energy, transportation, fiber and chemical product price increases.

North American paperboard folding carton market has become increasingly concentrated, such as Rock-Tenn is seeking to acquire GulfStatesPaper, to enter North America ranked top five producers of the series. Rock-Tenn agreed last April of 5.4 billion purchase GulfStatesPaper Paper, including Alabama, Demopolis bleached board mill with a capacity of 327,000 tons. North America currently has 15 top board manufacturers.

North American folding carton paperboard production peaked in 1999, more than 7.9 million tons. Then began to decrease until 2002, production capacity continues to increase, the peak of more than 8.5 million tons. Since then, manufacturers started to compress, in order to adapt to the market, but also the face of plastic and imported products Competition . Mead Westvaco announced last May, no later than the end of last year shut down VA?, Covington's 5 Paper . Rock-Tenn year before last summer, has announced the closure of Mich, otse-go10.6 tons / year of recycled fiber pulp machine. Last year in January, Caraustar announced Ohio Rittmar in a recycled fiber pulp machine shutdown.

Reduction in production capacity, market-friendly balance between supply and demand, and the situation improved. Then in April last year, producers announced SBS 50 U.S. dollars per ton price increase, then at least two of recycled fiber pulp paper producer, also known as 35 dollars per ton price increases.

Analysis, according to RISI, paperboard folding carton production last year, slow economic growth, will decline 2% to 7.5 million tons. Exports fell 1.9%, about 1.5 million tons. While imports increased by 10% to 758,000 tons. As the surge in imports of folding paperboard boxes, cartons U.S. domestic market share of more plastic products from recapture. China's expansion of 1 million tons since 2004, new capacity since last year, has a large-scale production of new recycled fiber pulp paper projects a total of 1.5 million tons. As China's oversupply and price cuts, these products will be part of roll-type Print Good box semi-finished products exported in the form to the United States.
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Paperboard Folding Carton Market, Recent Sales In North America News - Paper, Cardboard And Paper

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This article was published on 2011/01/28